Nie je opica ako opica

illustrator, graphic designer

Text: Lucia Kršková
Editor: Zuzana Mitošinková
Language adjustments: Ľubica Schmarcová
Font: Samo Sans Pro Regular, Medium, Black
by Samuel Čarnoký

Nie je opica ako opica” is a children's book published by EGREŠ. o. z in 2017.
In my work, I have tried to correct the misinterpretation of the primates with
the generic name a “monkey“. In conversations with my mother who works
as an ethologist at Comenius University in Bratislava, we talked about the
generalizations and anthropomorphisms which are often used in children‘s
education system.

As a result, children often get wrong information about animals such as piglets do not care about hygiene, donkeys are stupid or that wolves are eating people. We are also creating an idea of having a „universal“ representative of individual species. There is a reason to believe that when you are told to describe a primate, most of us will imagine an animal with features of a chimpanzee even as an adult.

He is not, in fact, a monkey, but a man-ape. Because of this fact,
I decided to create my first book focused mostly on a child reader which would have not only sophisticated illustrations, clean graphic design and many interesting facts, but would introduce children with the basics of systematics in a spontaneous way. In this case, with the fact that „not every monkey is a monkey“.

In the realization of this project I have tried not to work only
with the idea of my theoretical knowledge about children‘s perception of the world, but I have also communicated with children themselves and, at the same time, with the mentioned animal expert Lucia Kršková, who primary took care of the text.

Throughout the book, I have tried to balance the real with children imagination to maintain the attractivity of the child viewer. I believe the book will allow children to gain an objective view of the world of primates while seeking
a parallel in the human world and its behaviour. 

This book is mainly focused on readers from Slovakia because the naming
of primates might differ in every country, so this issue might not be relevant
in your country. However the book was suitably rewritten and translated by
Liang Chen and published in Taiwan by Hsiao Lu Publishing in 2020. 

First presentation of the book in Trnava anual market (october, 2017).

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This site was made by me in 2020.
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